Net Control

A radio net is formed by a group of radio operators convening for a specific purpose. Formal nets are usually directed by a net control station or operator and during planned event and emergency activations there is a great need for experienced net control operators. SEPARS provides training opportunities allowing you to gain the experience required to be able to step into the net control operator role when needed.


SEPARS Members recieve orientation of the Surrey Fire Services EOC. (Emergency Operations Centre). In a Disaster or emergency SEPARS members may be called to act as Emergen y Communicators for the City of Surrey. Members must be familiar with the EOC, the EOC staff, and it’s operations so as to be helpful during an emergency

Credit Courses

So as to keep the SEPAR members involved in the City of Surrey’s Emergency Program, members are offered a number of courses related to Emergency Operations, such as:

EOC Essentials. 

Introduction to Emergency Management in Canada.


Through our relationship with the Surrey Amateur Radio Communications club, we offer training to the public so that they may obtain their Amateur Radio Operators License. 

And More…

SEPARS members are a vital part of the Emergency Program. The City of Surrey desires it’s volunteers be well trained and happy.  

Aside form the educational opportunities, the Surrey Fire Services thanks it’s volunteers annually.